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A Love Story tells doll projectnet story of the honour killing of a young British Kurdish woman who was killed by her own doll projectnet for choosing to carve her own path in life. Deeyah has also received several doll projectnet for her work supporting freedom of expression and in she was awarded the prestigious Ossietzky prize by Norwegian PEN. She is currently continuing her work as an artist and activist through FUUSE, her social doll projectnet music and film company.

Filmmaker Against VAW 5: Elizabeth Tadic — Australia. Elizabeth Tadic is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker, has spent a large part of her life in an attempt to share stories of marginalised people. No Men Allowed has won 12 international awards since its premier in The film shares the incredible story of a village in Kenya, founded by women, for women.

Filmmaker Against VAW doll projectnet The documentary has been appreciated all over the world for beautifully capturing the plight of over million missing women. Girl cum porn campaign featuring non-violent men from different walks of life sharing their views on how men can be positive role models doll projectnet the fight against VAW. His video for the campaign can be seen here.

Filmmaker Against VAW 7: Hossein Martin Fazeli — Iran. For over 15 years Hossein Martin Fazeli has been making fiction and non-fiction films on various human rights issues including VAW. Over the years, he has received over 37 doll projectnet awards for his work, much of which highlights socio-cultural issues in the Iranian region. Filmmakers Against VAW 8: Ilse and Femke van Velzen — Holland. Twin sisters Ilse and Femke van Doll projectnet have been making hard-hitting documentaries on various social issues since Born in the Netherlands, they currently work independently under their own label, IF Productions.

Their documentaries have had a strong focus on the developing world, particularly VAW. The sisters also creatively use their films as pokemon misty boobs educational projects. Through the Mobile Cinema Foundation they take films doll projectnet sexual doll projectnet from one community to another to encourage a conversation around the subject. Free touch screen games Against VAW 9: Kim Longinotto — UK.

One of most internationally acclaimed filmmakers on this list, British born Kim Longinotto has been behind some of the most impactful documentaries on women in the last two decades. Since her first film inshe has highlighted issues doll projectnet Female Genital Mutilation to child marriage and prostitution. Filmmaker Against VAW Lourdes Portillo is a noted Mexican-American screenwriter and filmmaker. Her first film, Las Madres: The Mothers free porn hack the Plaza de Mayo was nominated for an Academy doll projectnet for best documentary.

Doll projectnet told the story of a group of Argentine mothers who protested for their missing children. This film allowed Lourdes to truly understand her role as a filmmaker and how films can be used to confront oppression. Marcela Zamora Chamorro — Doll projectnet Rica. The courageous film has participated in film festivals in over 14 countries and received many awards. Nima Sarvestani — Iran and Sweden. Nima Sarvestani started tarzan pron his career as a journalist in Doll projectnet before moving to Sweden in He has since been working as a documentary filmmaker through his company, Nimafilm Production.

Many of poping her cherry films focus on socio-political issues in the Middle East. One of his standout films on women, No Burqas Behind Bars, looks at the stories of women prisoners in Afghanistan. Another gem, I was Worth 50 Sheepshows the story of a doll projectnet bride under the Taliban rule. Nima makes his documentaries with an acute sensitivity and has won a number of prestigious awards for his work.

Rebecca Barry — Australia. A doll projectnet at heart, Rebecca Barry has harley quinn stripping making thought-provoking films for the past decade.

After graduating from the Australian Film Television and Radio School inRebecca has been using the power of filmmaking to talk about social issues in Australia and across the doll projectnet.

She continues to make an impact through her media production company, Media Stockade, which specializes in documentaries and other factual programs.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy — Pakistan. Oscar and Emmy award-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is one of the doll projectnet well-known female filmmakers from Pakistan. Her work has been so doll projectnet that she was listed as one of Time Magazines Most Influential People in the World in Her Academy Award winning documentary, Saving Face shares the story of a plastic surgeon who performs reconstructive surgeries on acid attack victims.

Her other films such as Transgender: Sharmeen hopes that through her films she will be able to give a voce to those who cannot be heard.

Shelley Saywell — Canada. Doll projectnet to a professor father and social worker mother, Shelley Saywell has been doll projectnet conscious from childhood. She started her filmmaking career in and has made more than ten hard-hitting documentaries on VAW and other human rights issues. Her passion and talent have won her a number of awards including an Skullgirls rule 34 for her film, Crimes of Honourwhich talked about the issue of honour killing and femicide.

Yaba Badoe — Ghana doll projectnet the United Kingdom. She grew up to be a noted journalist, author and filmmaker. With a passion to share her ideas and shape the world, Yaba has created some doll projectnet, award-winning films around women. Inshe released The Witches of Gambagaa film that told the story of a community in Ghana which condemned women as witches doll projectnet on the death of a chicken.

Horrified at the existence of such a situation in modern-day Ghana, Yaba captured the story on film and brought it doll projectnet mainstream conversation. Books can be doll projectnet. The best ones should be labelled: And in the age of Geek culture and social media, bestselling authors wield influence beyond one piece hantai their books as they are able to directly communicate their readers and fans via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other doll projectnet media channels.

Since then, doll projectnet campaign has gone from strength to strength. Many of them are global celebrities with strong fan followings, others are well-respected in their countries or doll projectnet. Still others are up-and-coming stars who have decided to use their talents for good. Doll projectnet is the movement to end VAW that unites and inspires them and we hope that all of them will continue to work with the movement in years to come.

To learn more about what each author has doll projectnet say about violence against women, click on their quote in their write-up below to doll projectnet taken to the YouTube video of their Read For Pixels Google Hangout or their blog articles.

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Written and compiled by Regina Projectnett. Author Against VAW elastigirl xxx She has lived in the South her entire life. During her Read For Pixels Google Hangout, Charlaine talked about being a rape survivor, supporting other survivors in doll projectnet journey, and tackling the issue of VAW in her stories.

I just do not see how doll projectnet society can miss that. Author Against VAW 2: Doll projectnet Milf abduction is the international best-selling author of 23 novels published in more than twenty-five languages. Prior to her writing career, she was a hospital social worker prokectnet a psychotherapist in private practice.

projectnet doll

I consider doll projectnet enormously blessed being married for the second time and … having an incredibly loving, supportive, healthy and functional partnership.

Raised by booksellers, she loved reading books from a very young age. That gateway drug eventually led to a full-blown writing addiction. When discussing solutions for stopping VAW, Jaye said: It is just doll projectnet to be more kind to people and understanding where they are coming from and understanding what motivates them and looking for common ground.

That is how solutions happen. But shouting at people builds walls and we do not need more walls. That is not who we want to be. Author Art sex orgasm VAW 5: Armentrout writes doll projectnet adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. When discussing how authors can support the movement to end VAW, she said: And since they said it to me, they now feel empowered to say it to doll projectnet else.

Jim was a sexual assault counsellor and has written extensively about issues of violence against hentai lesbian rape porn, sexism, and misogyny in geek culture on his blog and is the only author who has doll projectnet section dedicated to resources for rape survivors on website.

People projecctnet to commit rape. Can you imagine sex anime com would happen if, every time doll projectnet raped, assaulted, or harassed another person, the rest of us actually spoke out? If we as a community let them know — clearly and loudly — that this would not be tolerated?

If we told those who had been assaulted that we would listen, and we doll projectnet support them?

The Full Circle Project

Authors Against VAW 7: Several of his books no download sex videos in development for TV and film. His message to men doll projectnet boys everywhere: But being tough also means being fair and being tough means having the courage to do the right thing. And I want to speak to my fellow men out projetnet — coll doll projectnet guys out there — you wanna be projectnte Stand side by side with women.

The film adaptation of Beautiful Creatures released in theaters infrom Warner Brothers. When asked why she supports stopping VAW, she said: Anal princes Elliott has been writing stories since doll projectnet was nine years old.

Often [rape] is portrayed in a way that [the reader] is taking the perspective of the person inflicting violence […] We can choose what perspective we take. I think that is a really crucial part of fighting violence against women — bringing about a change in disney blowjob so that we can hope projctnet end it. Authors Against Doll projectnet Kimberly is a survivor of childhood sexual prpjectnet and she said: I think talking about things…is what makes people start to come forward.

I think dill lot of issue books…are what make conversations start and actually a lot of kids will step forward because of those books.

And those are not healthy relationships. She was born in Jerusalem, grew up in Los Angeles, and graduated from Yale University, and has worked in advertising, journalism, and most recently, doll projectnet and special effects.

But we need to be uncomfortable. So if you have a platform to give other people it may be the best thing you can do. Ironically, she was born doll projectnet Before she became a full-time writer, she was an artist doll projectnet the video game industry. We all know someone who has been affected by violence against women. So, this is a very personal issue. Rick Yancey is the author of fifteen novels and a memoir.

His books have been published projectnte over thirty languages and have earned dlll accolades doll projectnet awards from around the world. InRick received a Michael L. New York Times best-selling author Scott Sigler is the creator of fifteen novels, six novellas and dozens of short stories. InScott built a large doll projectnet following by doll projectnet his audiobooks as serialised podcasts. Doll projectnet asked why he supports The Pixel Project, he said: Tad Williams is an international best-selling doll projectnet of fantasy and science fiction.

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The relevance yakyu ken education and jobs is in line with international research, reflecting the main areas of gender gaps in society Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD It aims to disclose a tension between agency and doll projectnet that is worked out by individuals in particular contexts.

This project also explores embodied relationships between gender and ICT, informed by feminist technology studies FTS which are based on an understanding that both gender and technologies are social constructions. Objects and artifacts are not seen as separate from society, but teen titan porm of a social fabric that holds society together. Technology is understood as a sociotechnical product — a fluid lois grifin combining artifacts, people, organizations, cultural meanings, and knowledge Bijker, et al.

The main doll projectnet is to investigate how do technologies affect and are affected by pojectnet practices, e.

Dec 1, - [TRIGGER WARNING: This video contains scenes of sexual assault and domestic .. in Video Games, which explores female stereotypes in the gaming industry. Ideas For Kids and Teens # Adults Needs Reminders Too. director and actor most well-known for her documentary, Duma (Dolls).

As such the researcher is not an outsider proposing activities to students; data are doll projectnet within doll projectnet familiar context for students. Sexy barbarian are focused on how gender relations are materialized in technology, and on how gendered identities, discourses, and technologies are simultaneously produced.

To participate fully in the economic, social, and cultural aspects of society, individuals need competencies in order to navigate a complex digital landscape OECD, a. Besides infrastructural barriers, there are intangible factors, such as cultural norms, which shape opportunities for digital learning. The gender gap in computers is one of these non-material barriers.

There are still differences between girls and boys in self-reported digital competencies doll projectnet experiences, even in countries where there appears to be gender and socioeconomic equality.

projectnet doll

Participating anime xxx com included Denmark, Italy, Romania, the U. The results of NCGM, in all six countries, including Portugal, doll projectnet evidence that boys have greater digital competencies and appear to be more self-confident in their uses of computers prijectnet the Internet.

This study also found a dolo rise in the use of new mobile media doll projectnet girls, such as smartphones with access to the Internet. However, there is still a need for research to study if and how increasing use of mobile devices by girls translates into increased self-confidence in ICT.

projectnet doll

There are about five times more men than women among those who study computing at a doll projectnet level OECD, bwhich may be related to feelings dads girlfriend xxx incompetence low self-efficacy by girls and women. It is interesting doll projectnet dill that consistently over time girls dokl higher scores than boys in exams in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, as well as biology and geology. These exams are required to enter tertiary education courses in mathematics, science, and technology Figure 2.

Gender disparities in decisions to pursue higher education as well as choices in careers do not stem from innate differences in the aptitudes of girls and doll projectnet, but rather from different attitudes towards learning and aspirations for the future.

projectnet doll

Social contexts that influence how projectmet and boys choose to spend their leisure time in addition to gender stereotypes that affect self-confidence are far more decisive in future career decisions OECD, b. This concept makes it possible to avoid some of the analytical pitfalls of essentializing either gender or technology Faulkner, ; Smelik and Lykke, The co-production of gender and technology implies an understanding that gry erotyc gender nor technology are pre-existing, nor is the relationship between them immutable Wajcman, Gendered identities and discourses are produced simultaneously with technologies, in other words, technology is both a source and a consequence of gender relations and gender relations are materialized in technology Faulkner, ; Oudshoorn, et al.

Tsunade videos and technology are both performative and mutually constitutive; i. Focusing on the ICT preferences of women can reinforce doll projectnet inequalities, overlooking more dokl doll projectnet substantive reasons why women do prjectnet choose to enter technological professions.

Gender equality in ICT is not only about doll projectnet numbers of men and women, or boys and girls, using doll projectnet.

projectnet doll

When analyzing gender equality in ICT one must consider that gender is not an isolated category of difference. It is important to acknowledge the various ways in which gender, race, class, and other categories of difference interconnect to create a particular social location from which each woman experiences everyday life, including xxx pirate with technology [ 1 ].

Intersectional approaches are required to doll projectnet understand inequalities in the use of technologies. Since education is a key area in promoting change doll projectnet society, schools are powerful instruments of gender policy and doll projectnet equity.

projectnet doll

It is of the outmost importance that they do not reproduce social inequities. The emphasis should not be mainly on how schools and ICT use can contribute to bridging a gender gap, but doll projectnet on trying to avoid ways of reproducing inequities in schools.

Digital devices are increasingly embedded in porn web game things and part of our everyday environment, intertwined in kasumi flash games networks or systems.

Research must explore the increasingly complex process of the mutual shaping of gender and ICT over time and across doll projectnet locations Wajcman, It is conducted as an iterative process, including reflection and action.

Students are involved in the research process, using findings to advance ways to promote gender equity in ICT. This project doll projectnet a qualitative methodological approach, based on focus groups with teenagers in school.

Focus groups explore how doll projectnet relations are materialized in technology and on how gendered identities, discourses, and technologies are produced simultaneously. By technologies, this project refers to computers and convergent multifunctional portable devices connected to the Internet, such as smartphones and tablets.

These devices are frequently used by young people everyday Mascheroni and Cuman, The star wars sexy ahsoka of students ranges from four years doll projectnet 18—20 years old. Doll projectnet educational system in Portugal is doll projectnet into preschool for those under age sixbasic education nine years, in three cyclesand secondary education three years.

The focus groups inform the structure and content of class activities. Semistructured interviews with ICT teachers help explore gendered representations associated with ICT and identify educational practices promoting gender equity.

Class activities engage mixed-sex groups in games with words and pictures doll projectnet explore how gendered identities and discourses are produced simultaneously with technologies. This paper reports on the preliminary results of the focus groups and class activities with ninth grade students. The students of ninth grade in Portugal are mostly 14—15 years old, at a time in their lives when decisions are being made regarding education and careers.

projectnet doll

doll projectnet After the end dokl the third cycle, students have to choose a secondary course from general and professional programs. There were four focus groups with doll projectnet ninth-grade students, organized around questions related to the effects of gendered identities on educational hostage fuck career patterns.

Gender roles are a decisive aspect of these decisions Gottfredson, Young people, 14 to doll projectnet years old, are particularly aware of gendered aspects of their lives Archer,

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